Recognizing and Preserving

Anatolia's Heritage Vineyards and Grapes:

A Call to Action

Why is the Anatolian HeritageGrapes Conference held?

The "Anatolian Heritage Grapes Conference" is organized to acknowledge the importance of protecting indigenous grape varieties to preserve the heritage of a region that is considered one of the homelands of wine and grapes. The number of local varieties that have survived to the present day shows a dramatic decline when compared to the past. We continue to lose without fully understanding the extent of our loss. However, the recent increase in wines made from native grape varieties brings hope to everyone. Thanks to some producers, local grape varieties that were not widely discussed in the past have become some of today's most interesting wines. "Root Origin Soil" is a conference event focused on local grapes' past, present, and future, organized with the desire for change and awareness. This event aims to deepen the understanding of the subject by incorporating international participants and is considered both semi-academic and a work that increases depth through the topics it includes and the speakers it presents.

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